Site remediation is the technical term for the clean-up of a site after exposure to contaminants such as chemicals, pollutants, soil, groundwater, sediment, surface water and debris. This contamination could have occurred via a variety of different ways including naturally but it predominantly occurs after demolition and bulk earthworks projects. 

The process of site remediation can involve the excavation of contaminated soils, silts and muds and removing them from the site where they can be properly disposed of.

What is site remediation?

Contaminated soil can be a hazard if it isn’t disposed of properly. Depending on your location there are legalities regarding where soil contaminated or otherwise can be disposed of.

In New South Wales, contaminated soils can occur both via site works as well as naturally in places along the coastline. General contaminated wastes such as soils that have been mixed with building rubble and metals can be accepted by most landfill sites as it is classes as general solid waste. However, if the soil has any trace of asbestos in it it’s classed as special waste and requires extra steps for disposal and can only be dumped at specialised locations where the asbestos risk can be properly managed.

Where can I safely dispose of contaminated soil?

Tipper trucks also known as dump trucks are a versatile vehicles that can be used for a variety of transport uses in the construction and landscaping industries.

Typically these trucks have a large rectangular open bed that can be raised at one end or on one side (depending on the model) in order to deposit their loads of loose materials. Due to its size this type of truck requires the use of additional machinery such as an excavator or bobcat to load.

From the transport of loose materials to site such as dirt, soil, gravel, sand, etc for landscaping use, to the disposal and haulage of demolition materials and rubble from site the tipper truck can be useful on any construction site that is undergoing bulk earthworks, landscaping, or demolition work.

What can I use a tipper truck for?

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